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Blue Goldstone Beaded Bracelet

Blue Goldstone Beaded Bracelet

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Blue Goldstone is a unique man made crystal, although it is not found naturally in the ground, don't be fooled. It is said to be a stone of ambition and confidence, building energy, courage and a positive attitude. 

A gently uplifting stone, Blue Goldstone enhances vitality. This crystal is perfect for helping to achieve your goals, and is commonly associated with success. Blue Goldstone is said to be a useful tool for children afraid of the dark.

Mimicking a starry night sky, use Blue Goldstone to make a wish.

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Blue Goldstone Beaded Bracelet - 8MM

Stone  Blue Goldstone (Manmade)
Alternative Names Blue Sandstone | Goldstone | Monk's Gold
Form  Blue Goldstone Crystal Beaded Bracelet 
Colour  Blue With Silver Specks
Chakra  Throat Chakra 
Zodiac  Sagittarius
MOHS  5.5 - 6
Origins Manmade - Not Found Naturally 
Size One Size Fits Most | 8MM Beads
Note Crystal Bracelets are intuitively chosen, please allow for slight variations in colour on products


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