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Silky Malachite Specimen

Silky Malachite Specimen

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A stone of transformation, Malachite works like a sponge, absorbing negative energies and pollutants from the earth and your body.  Malachite is also a valuable protection stone, blocking radiation of all kinds, clearing electromagnetic pollution and eliminating negative earth energies, so be sure to cleanse regularly.

Malachite is a stone well known for good fortune, with a piece in your possession it enhances good opportunities, money and wealth. 

Place Malachite by your television to absorb electromagnetic pollution or in the South East corner of your home to invite prosperity.

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Natural Malachite Specimen 

Stone  Malachite  
Form  Natural Malachite Specimen 
Colour  Green
Chakra  Heart Chakra | Throat Chakra 
Zodiac  Capricorn | Scorpio | Sagittarius 
MOHS  3.5 - 4 
Origins Russia | Namibia | Australia | Congo | Zambia | USA
Weight  86g
Approximate Size 6 x 5cm 

Please ensure these specimens are treated with care and properly stored away from pets and children.

Raw Malachite is toxic, meaning if Malachite dust is inhaled or ingested it can be dangerous. When handling, avoid touching your face and wash your hands immediately after handling. Keep out of water.

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