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Crystal Necklace FAQ

What are the benefits of wearing Crystal Necklaces?

Crystal Necklaces are said to be beneficial to wear for a number of purposes. Some of the metaphysical properties include -

  • Energetic Balance: It is thought through wearing crystal necklaces the unique properties can help balance and align the chakras.

  • Focus And Clarity: For individuals looking to enhance mental clarity and focus, crystals such as Clear Quartz and Fluorite are thought to improve concentration.

  • Protection: It is believed wearing certain crystal necklaces serve as protection against negative energies and grounding in times of stress or uncertainty.

  • Emotional Healing: Different crystals are associated with specific emotional healing properties. For example, wearing a turquoise necklace may help with self-expression and communication, while a moonstone necklace could aid in emotional balance and intuition.

  • Stress Relief: Some crystals such as Blue Lace Agate, are believed to hold soothing properties that can help alleviate stress and anxiety when worn as necklaces.

What is the luckiest crystal to wear?

There are several crystals to choose from for good luck and abundance. Some of the best crystals for luck are -

  • Green Aventurine
  • Citrine
  • Pyrite
  • Jade

How should I clean my Crystal Necklace?

Crystal Necklaces can be cleaned using a soft jewellery polishing cloth. Using the cloth, rub gently in small circular motions to cover all areas. If the jewellery contains metal areas, use the cloth to polish to remove any tarnishing and restore its shine. Polishing your Crystal Necklace regularly keeps it in optimal condition, removing any dirt and oils and keeping it shiny.

Can I wear my Crystal Necklace in the shower or while swimming?

We recommend removing your Crystal Necklace before swimming or showering.

Water Sensitivity: Several crystals are sensitive to moisture. When they are submerged in water, some crystals can be damaged.

Chemical Exposure: Pool Chemicals, salt water and chemicals in soaps could react with the crystal and lead to damaging it.

Elastic and Metal Components: Metal and elastic used in some Crystal Necklace pieces can be weakened or corrode overtime from prolonged exposure to water.

To keep your Crystal Necklace safe from damage, please remove before showering or swimming.