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Questions About Raw Crystals

What are the benefits of Raw Crystals?

Here are some of the key healing properties and uses for Raw Crystals:

  • Unaltered Energy: Raw Crystals are as natural as they come and it is believed these crystals preserve authentic unaltered energy of the Earth. Working with raw crystals allows you to connect directly with the primal and untamed vibrations of nature.
  • Connection To Nature: It is thought that working with Raw Crystals enhances a deeper connection to nature. Raw Crystals a reminder of Earths natural beauty and the cycle of life, grounding us in the present moment  and helping us feel more connected to the world around us.
  • Grounding And Protection: It is believed that Raw Crystals such as Black Tourmaline and Smokey Quartz are excellent for grounding and protection against negative energy. These crystals help to anchor your energy and create a shield of protection around the user.
  • Enhanced Intuition And Creativity: It is said Raw Crystals help enhance your intuition and creativity. By attuning to their natural energy, it is thought to increase insights and inspiration in various aspects of your life.
  • Decoration And Aesthetic: Raw Crystals make stunning and unique features as home décor, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. 

What is a Raw Crystal?

Raw Crystals showcase the beauty of the natural stones surface, texture and shape. A raw crystal is a crystal taken straight from the mine and cleaned to remove any dirt or debris. After they have been cleaned, they are not subjected to any cutting, shaping, or polishing, just simply natural.

Do Raw Crystals have different healing properties compared to Polished Crystals?

Although each type of crystal holds the same properties, some crystal healers believe that Raw Crystals hold more of an intense, natural energy, as they have not been altered by human processes.

What are Raw Crystals used for?

Raw Crystals are used for various purposes amongst many individuals. Some uses of Raw Crystals include energy work, meditation, personal growth, collecting and for decoration.