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Questions About Towers & Points

What are the benefits of Crystal Towers?

There are many metaphysical properties Crystal Towers hold, some of the notable properties are -

  • Energy Amplification: It is believed Crystal Towers can amplify and project energy from the crystal they are made from. This makes Crystal Towers a useful tool throughout rituals, meditation and energy healing practices.
  • Meditation Aid: During meditation, Crystal Towers can serve as a focal point, allowing the user to concentrate and dive into a deeper meditative state. The shape and energy of Crystal Towers may also assist in calming the mind, overall improving the meditation experience. 
  • Enhancing Intuition And Insight: Crystal Towers are often used to heighten intuition and gain insight into personal situations or challenges. Holding or gazing at a Crystal Tower is believed to facilitate a clearer connection to one's inner wisdom.
  • Protection: It is said the pointed shape on Crystal Towers can act as a barrier working to deflect negative energy or unwanted influences.
  • Decorative And Aesthetic: In addition to the metaphysical properties, Crystal Towers are visually striking and a unique choice for décor throughout your space. Their elegant appearance adds an element of sophistication to any setting. 

What are the differences between a Crystal Tower, Obelisk and Generator?

Crystal Generator: A Crystal Generator is a crystal that has 6 equal faces that connect at a sharp point at the top, typically with a hexagonal base.

Crystal Obelisk: A crystal obelisk has a square or rectangular base with 4 equal faces that leads to a pyramidal point.

Crystal Tower: Crystal Tower or Crystal Points generally refers to shapes that are tall, elongated crystals with a pointed top. This term can encompass various shapes and styles as long as they meet the basic criteria of being tall and pointed.

How are Crystal Towers made?

Crystal Towers are made by cutting and polishing rough material into a tall, faceted shape. The process begins by choosing a rough crystal and it is sliced into the desired general shape. Once the material has been cut, grinding tools are used to shape the crystal to create facets and smooth out the edges. Lastly the crystal is buffed to achieve a smooth and shiny surface.

How do I choose a Crystal Tower that's right for me?

Choosing crystals looks different for everyone. Some ways people may choose crystals are based on intention, metaphysical properties or simply for its visual appeal. No matter how you choose your crystal, trust your intuition.