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Questions About Crystal Palm Stones

What are the benefits of Crystal Palm Stones?

Palm Stones, also know as Palm Crystals are thought to offer a number of different benefits to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Below are some of the key benefits of Crystal Palm Stones -

  • Stress Relief: Palm Stones are rounded and polished crystals with a smooth surface. Holding or rubbing a Palm Stone provides a soothing sensation, helping to alleviate stress.
  • Enhanced Meditation: Using Palm Stones during meditation is said to help maintain focus and promote deeper relaxation.
  • Goal Setting: Holding a Palm Stone while setting intention is said to amplify the energy of your goals.
  • Decoration: Palm Stones come in a variety of different colours and can be used simply as decoration, adding a touch of beauty to any space.

What are Crystal Palm Stones used for?

Palm Stones are used for various purposes including meditation, stress and anxiety relief, physical and emotional healing, setting intentions or simply just collecting and using for home decor.

Are Crystal Palm Stones and Worry Stones the same thing?

Both Palm Stones and Worry Stones are similar in the way they are used, that being they are rubbed with your thumb or between fingers when stress arises. Generally Palm Stones are larger in size, where as Worry Stones are typically smaller. Worry Stones have a thumb sized indentation to place your thumb.

How do I choose a Crystal Palm Stone?

Choosing a Crystal Palm Stone varies for every individual. For some individuals there are several factors that are considered when choosing a crystal. Some of these factors can include the colour, appearance or the type of crystal. Regardless of your preference when it comes to choosing crystals, trust your intuition.