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If someone were to ask "What are the best crystals for love" I'm sure the vast majority would respond with "Rose Quartz." While Rose Quartz is a popular choice and beautiful regardless, there are several different crystals believed to have properties that aid in enhancing and attracting love. Whether your looking to amp up your current relationship, seeking new love or to feel more self-compassion, adding crystals to attract love is worth considering. While there's no love potions, there is energy and energy can be very powerful. 

Read on to find out more on the best crystals for love and alternative selections other than Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz Crystal Heart
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"One must love themselves before they can love another."


Rose Quartz Palm Stones
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We will start the list off with the all time favourite - Rose Quartz

A stone of universal love, Rose Quartz is one of the most well-known and powerful crystals for love. A beautiful blush pink colour, Rose Quartz resonates with the heart chakra. Rich in feminine energy and ripe with compassion, Rose Quartz instils self-love and nourishes the soul. It can be used to attract all types of love, from self-love to self-care, romantic love or platonic love. 

Rose Quartz rejuvenates trust and harmony in relationships and encourages unconditional love.  Whether your seeking to love yourself more, mend a broken heart or looking for romance, Rose Quartz is a great addition for attracting love.


Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones
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Although many people think pink or red is the colour for the Heart chakra, it is actually associated with green. It is said that Green Aventurine is a stone of love and healing. Using Green Aventurine crystals for love, it is believed to attract positive energy, promote feelings of well-being and encourage emotional stability. 

Green Aventurine assists with confidence, which increases your luck and is motivating to attract new love.


Rhodonite Hearts
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Rhodonite known as "the rescue stone" is a powerful crystal used to amplify and activate the Heart and Root chakras. The properties of Rhodonite boosts feelings of forgiveness and compassion. These are two key elements to allow for unconditional love to flourish. 

Using Rhodonite crystals for love make the perfect companion if you are experiencing emotional trauma. It assists letting down your emotional guard and release blockages from the heart. Rhodonite carries a compassionate, empathetic and forgiving energy helping to heal physical and emotional wounds. 


Moonstone Necklace
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Moonstone also known as Rainbow Moonstone are great crystals for love. It is said to assist with emotional balance and believed to be helpful for new beginnings in love and relationships. Using Moonstone crystals for love is an excellent choice as they are strongly associated with soothing lunar energy. 

Moonstone promotes inner peace and harmony, as it works to balance emotions and restores a sense of calm to the Heart chakra energies.


Malachite Freeform
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Malachite is often used to bring the Heart chakra back into alignment. Using Malachite can assist you in feeling stable, safe and secure to open your Heart chakra to all types of love. Combining Rose Quartz with Malachite, makes a powerful crystals for love duo. With these two stones by your side, both opening the Heart chakra, they encourage you to practice self-kindness, and bring deep inner healing. If you have encountered a toxic relationship, or endured emotional trauma, this combination is especially useful. 

Using Malachite as crystals for love can offer guidance and awareness that you need to achieve for the love related goals you are seeking. 



There are many ways you can use crystals for love and relationships. Here's are a few common methods on how you can incorporate crystals for love into your life.

  • Carry them with you or wear them as jewellery to keep its energy close throughout the day.
  • Create a grid using crystals for love
  • Place crystals for love in your bedroom, on a night stand for example to promote love and emotional healing as you sleep.
  • Meditate using crystals for love and focus on your intentions for love and relationships as you hold them within your hands.


Celestial Stones offers a large range of high quality crystals and crystal jewellery, with a number of different crystals for love. If your looking to begin your journey of attracting or enhancing love and relationships, or simply looking to add some crystals as home décor be sure to visit our store.

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