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Rose Quartz FAQ

What is Rose Quartz good for?

Rose Quartz holds a number of metaphysical properties. Some of the key properties for Rose Quartz are -

Unconditional Love: Rose Quartz is known as the "Love Stone" and is associated with unconditional love and compassion. It is believed to help individuals cultivate self-love and love for others.

Emotional Healing: The gentle energy of Rose Quartz is believed to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind. It is thought to nurture feelings of anger, resentment, and anxiety, promoting emotional balance and inner peace.

Self Love And Self Esteem: Rose Quartz is said to be beneficial in encouraging self-care, self-acceptance and a positive self-image. Having a piece of Rose Quartz is thought to be useful in boosting self-esteem and a reminder that one must love themselves before they can love another.

Activates The Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra, which is the centre of love and compassion. It is believed using Rose Quartz brings the Heart Chakra into alignment. 

Stress Reduction: The calming energy of Rose Quartz is thought to help reduce stress and tension. It is an ideal tool to use throughout meditation and relaxation practices to promote a sense of tranquillity.

Where is Rose Quartz found?

Rose Quartz is relatively common and can be found in several locations around the world including Brazil, Madagascar, United States, India and South Africa.

What gives Rose Quartz its pink colour?

The pink colouration in Rose Quartz is attributed to trace amounts of impurities. The most common impurities are titanium, iron, or manganese which present within the crystal. The more impurities the Rose Quartz has, the deeper the pink colouration will be.

What is the difference between Rose Quartz and Pink Amethyst?

Pink Amethyst is a type of Amethyst that is typically purple quartz coloured by iron impurities, but in this case it is pink due to hematite impurities. The pink colouration from Rose Quartz is from titanium, iron or manganese.