Caribbean Blue Calcite Towers


Caribbean Calcite is a relatively new discovery and has risen to popularity amongst avid crystal collectors. This article will discuss everything you need to know about Caribbean Calcite.

Caribbean Blue Calcite Slab
Image From Celestial Stones​​


Caribbean Calcite is a relatively new crystal discovery found in Pakistan in 2019. Caribbean Calcite is only found in Pakistan and is a rare combination of minerals. It is a combination of blue calcite with white and brown aragonite. The coloration varies from a subtle sky blue, to bright vibrant aqua hues. It can even have hints of mint green present. The brown and white aragonite appearance can occur in various patterns of swirls, stripes and bands. 

Caribbean Calcite measures at 3 on the MOHS scale, meaning this mineral is very soft and fragile. Be sure to take extra care and precaution while working with and also cleansing this stone.

Caribbean Calcite Towers
Image From Celestial Stones​​


Its captivating coloration is an immediate reminder of a beachside holiday, relaxing under the palms, listening to the sound of waves. Caribbean Calcite is a calming and soothing stone, working to release stress and anxiety. This piece is great to use while meditating for an overall sense of peace and serenity. It is thought that Caribbean Calcite promotes restful sleep and lucid dreaming. 



Despite the image below is still in fact a real crystal, it is NOT Caribbean Calcite. The crystal you see below is "Sky Blue Quartz" which is comprised of chalcedony with chromium, iron and titanium inclusions. The mixture of chromium, iron and titanium gives it the sky blue colour.

Sky Blue Quartz was originally mistaken for Caribbean Calcite and is still often labelled as Caribbean Calcite. As we mentioned above, Caribbean Blue Calcite is only found in Pakistan. When comparing the two together, you can see quite the difference between them. 

Sky Blue Quartz
Image From Google​​


Caribbean Calcite can be purchased from a number of crystal stores right around the globe, including us of course! Here you can buy consciously sourced Caribbean Calcite in Australia. We offer a variety of shapes including, tumbles, spheres and towers to name a few. You can check out what we have available using the link below.

Caribbean Calcite Sphere
Image From Celestial Stones​​
Caribbean Calcite Tower
Image From Celestial Stones​​
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