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Caribbean Calcite FAQ

What is Caribbean Calcite good for?

Here are some of the prominent healing properties of Caribbean Calcite:

  • Emotional Healing: Often associated with emotional healing, Caribbean Calcite is thought to be effective in helping to release past traumas, emotional wounds and negative emotions. Caribbean Calcite is also said to be calming and bring balance to emotions. 
  • Communication: Caribbean Calcite is associated with the Throat chakra. When the Throat Chakra is in alignment, it is easier for individuals to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Inner Peace And Relaxation: Caribbean Calcite is thought to promote relaxation, reduce stress and help calm an overactive mind. It is believed to create a soothing and peaceful environment that encourages mindfulness and meditation.
  • Chakra Alignment: It is believed Caribbean Calcite can help balance and align the Throat and Third Eye chakras. 
  • Spiritual Growth: It is often thought that Caribbean Calcite can assist with spiritual growth and development. It is said that is may also be effective in enhancing intuition, psychic ability and connecting to higher realms. 

Where is Caribbean Calcite found?

Caribbean Calcite is a relatively new discovery and is only found in Pakistan

What is the difference between Caribbean Calcite and Blue Aragonite?

Caribbean Calcite and Blue Aragonite are different, although they are actually made from the same mineral. They are what is known as "polymorphs" which means they have the same chemical composition, but different crystal structures.

Is Caribbean Calcite rare?

Caribbean Calcite is considered to be relatively rare due to its recent discovery. Pakistan is so far the only known source for this combination mineral. At this point in time due to its high demand and limited supply, it remains a sought-after and relatively rare mineral. This may change in the future as more sources may be discovered or as further mining operations develop.