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Questions About Rare Crystals

What qualifies a crystal as "rare"?

There are several factors taken into account when a crystal is considered rare. Some of these factors include -

  • Limited Availability: Such as a crystal only being found in limited locations around the world.
  • Difficult to Obtain: The mining and extraction process is challenging and costly.
  • High Demand: High demand among crystal collectors.
  • Exceptional Quality: The quality of material is rarely found such as a certain colour, clarity or size.

These factors each contribute to making some crystals difficult to find and valuable, leading to classifying it as rare.

Can rare crystals be artificially created or enhanced?

Yes, some crystals both rare and common, can often be imitations or have undergone treatment. Some examples of methods to create or enhance crystals include -

  • Lab-Grown Crystals: using methods to replicate natural conditions to produce synthetic crystals.
  • Heat Treatment: Heating crystals to enhance their colour to make them more visually appealing.
  • Irradiation: Exposing crystals to radiation to alter their colours.
  • Dyeing: Adding dye to crystals to change or enhance their colouration.
  • Fracture Filling: Filling cracks or fractures in a crystal with a glass-like substance to improve clarity or stability.