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Seven Chakra Crystal Kit

Seven Chakra Crystal Kit

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Introducing our 7 Chakra Crystal Kit, a harmonious collection of crystals carefully chosen to balance and align the seven main energy centres in the body, known as chakras. Each crystal in this kit is thoughtfully selected to correspond with a specific chakra, facilitating healing, and promoting overall well-being.

This kit includes 7 key crystals to assist with aligning your chakras, crystals include one of each of the following - 

Crown - Clear Quartz

Third Eye - Amethyst 

Throat - Sodalite

Heart - Green Aventurine

Solar Plexus - Citrine

Sacral - Carnelian

Root - Red Jasper

*We select the best tumbles for our kits, each of our tumbles are unique so colours and sizes will vary slightly.*


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