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Honey Calcite On Druzy Quartz - RARE

Honey Calcite On Druzy Quartz - RARE

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These specimens are a unique combination that features warm, golden, Honey Calcite crystals embedded on druzy Quartz. The striking contrast between the vibrant Honey Calcite and the cool, shimmering Quartz makes the perfect display piece for any collection.


Honey Calcite is a great piece to have on hand to boost strength and confidence. It can also bring clarity to the mind and courage, to help you stand up for what's right. Honey Calcite is motivating, assisting you to stop procrastinating and get things done. This stone makes an ideal piece to have for tasks that require concentration and hard work.


Clear Quartz renowned as the "Master Healer" is the most healing of all stones. A shield against negative energy and infused with positive vibes, Clear Quartz assists in stimulating positive energy and thoughts.

Clear Quartz helps to improve focus and clear mental blocks. boosts memory, and acts as a deep soul cleanser. When Clear Quartz is placed with other crystals and gemstones, it works to amplify their energy and metaphysical properties. 

Approximate Weight - 874g

Approximate Size - 10 x 17cm


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