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Kamini 10ML Fragrance Oils

Kamini 10ML Fragrance Oils

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Kamini 10ml Fragrance Oils

These aromatherapy fragrance oils are made by one of the leading brands in the incense and oils realm, Kamini. Burning aroma fragrance oils allow you to experience your favourite fragrances from the Kamini incense range without the smoke and ash that comes with burning actual incense. It can be used in oil burners, potpourri, sachets, oil diffusers and aroma lamps.

Note: This is a home fragrance and should not be used on the skin.


Frankincense 10ml Oil – Frankincense Boswellia thurefera. An aromatic gum resin used as an incense since ancient times. One of the gifts of the three wise kings, it is said to have an uplifting, relaxing effect and to aid concentration.


Egyptian Musk 10ml Oil - A mysterious, alluring and sensual scent.


White Sage 10ml Oil – A purifying scent said to absorb negativity and misfortune.


Vanilla 10 ml Oil – Vanilla with its strong sweet notes will spice up your living environment.

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