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I Am Pisces - Zodiac Crystal Kit

I Am Pisces - Zodiac Crystal Kit

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February 19 - March 20

Element - Water

Introducing our Pisces Zodiac Kit, a dreamy collection crafted to celebrate the intuitive and compassionate spirit of Pisces individuals. Born between February 19th and March 20th, Pisceans are known for their artistic nature, empathy, and deep emotional connections.

Our Pisces Crystal kit includes one of each of the following:

Amethyst: With a natural purple colour Amethyst purifies any space and works to clear unnecessary mind clutter. Amethyst assists to move any blockages in your path, to bless you with peace and serenity.

Aquamarine: This stone is useful in bringing peace, healing emotional trauma, and calming the heart. Aquamarine is also a soothing stone, which makes a perfect tool for relieving stress and anxiety, and assists with fears and phobias.

Bloodstone: This stone enhances self reliance allowing yourself to adjust to the circumstances changing around you, enabling you to live in the here and now, rather than reside in the past. It is a marvellous stone for promoting your self worth, self confidence and self sufficiency.

Rainbow Moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is a Stone Of Protection, working to deflect negative energies away from the aura. Rainbow Moonstone has a gentle calming energy, providing relief from emotional stress. It is a stone that brings balance, harmony and hope. Just like the Moon, Rainbow Moonstone is there to remind us that we go through phases, and everything is a part of the cycle of change.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz, the universal stone of love. Promoting self love, one must love themselves before they can receive love from another. Rose Quartz helps you to realise and appreciate the beauty surrounding you and in others too, while allowing you to let go of negative feelings.


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