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Rainbow Fluorite Chip Bracelet

Rainbow Fluorite Chip Bracelet

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Rainbow Fluorite is a captivating crystal, consisting of many colours including, purples, greens, blues and yellows. While keeping you calm, this stone can also bring clarity, assisting you to get back on track. 

Clearing mental fog and disorganisation, Rainbow Fluorite is perfect for study, work and productivity if you struggle to concentrate. This crystal can also assist you to declutter, and get rid of things, or even people that are no longer healthy for you.

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Rainbow Fluorite Chip Bracelet 

Stone  Rainbow Fluorite 
Alternative Names Fluorspar
Form  Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Chip Bracelet 
Colour  Purple | Blue | Green | Yellow | Clear  
Chakra  Crown Chakra | Heart Chakra | Third Eye Chakra 
Zodiac  Capricorn | Pisces 
Origins China | Mexico | USA | South Africa | UK 
Size  One Size Fits Most 
Note Crystal Bracelets are intuitively chosen, please allow for slight variations in colour on products


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