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Rainbow Moonstone Chip Bracelet

Rainbow Moonstone Chip Bracelet

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Rainbow Moonstone is a Stone Of Protection, working to deflect negative energies away from the aura. Rainbow Moonstone has a gentle calming energy, providing relief from emotional stress. It is a stone that brings balance, harmony and hope. Just like the Moon, Rainbow Moonstone is there to remind us that we go through phases, and everything is apart of the cycle of change.

Place a piece of Rainbow Moonstone under your pillow to catch the moons rays to aid lucid dreaming and a restful nights sleep.

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Rainbow Moonstone Chip Bracelet 

Stone  Rainbow Moonstone 
Alternative Names White Labradorite | Hecatolite 
Form  Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Chip Bracelet 
Colour  Creamy - Translucent White | Some With Blue Flashes
Chakra  Crown Chakra | Sacral Chakra | Third Eye Chakra 
Zodiac  Cancer 
MOHS  6 - 6.5 
Origins India | Madagascar | Sri Lanka | Australia | USA  
Size  One Size Fits Most 
Note Crystal Bracelets are intuitively chosen, please allow for slight variations in colour on products


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