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Celestial Stones

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stones

Rainbow Moonstone Palm Stones

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Rainbow Moonstone is a Stone Of Protection, working to deflect negative energies away from the aura. Rainbow Moonstone has a gentle calming energy, providing relief from emotional stress. It is a stone that brings balance, harmony and hope. Just like the Moon, Rainbow Moonstone is there to remind us that we go through phases, and everything is a part of the cycle of change.

Place a piece of Rainbow Moonstone under your pillow to catch the moons rays to aid lucid dreaming and a restful nights sleep.

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Rainbow Moonstone Polished Palm Stones 

Stone  Rainbow Moonstone 
Alternative Names White Labradorite | Hecatolite
Form  Polished Palm Stones
Colour  Creamy - Translucent White | Some With Blue Flashes
Chakra  Crown Chakra | Sacral Chakra | Third Eye Chakra 
Zodiac  Cancer 
MOHS  6 - 6.5 
Origins India | Madagascar | Sri Lanka | Australia | USA | 

Small 50g - 100g

Medium 100g - 150g

Note Palm Stones are intuitively selected, price listed is for each individual piece.
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