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Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stones

Rainbow Obsidian Tumbled Stones

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Rainbow Obsidian looks just like regular Black Obsidian, however when exposed to light you will see a beautiful array of colours. Despite being one of the softer-acting stones from the obsidian family, Rainbow Obsidian still holds strong protective properties. Rainbow Obsidian assists to remove negative thoughts and feelings and replace them with good ones.

It is said that Rainbow Obsidian brings love, joy and light into your life.

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Rainbow Obsidian Polished Tumbled Stones 

Stone  Rainbow Obsidian
Form  Polished Tumbled Stones
Colour  Deep Black With Rainbow Flashes 
Chakra  Root Chakra 
Zodiac  Cancer | Libra 
MOHS  5 - 5.5 
Origins Mexico | USA

Small <10g

Medium 10g - 20g

Note Tumbled Stones are intuitively selected, price listed is for each individual piece.


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