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Rhodochrosite Tumbled Stones

Rhodochrosite Tumbled Stones

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Rhodochrosite is a rare gemstone, that is highly sought after by collectors. Rhodochrosite is a stone of love, encouraging feelings of love and acceptance. It is a reminder you need to put yourself first and look after you, before you can take care of others.

Holding a warm and uplifting energy, place a piece of Rhodochrosite within your space to promote a sense of peace and positivity.

Rhodochrosite Polished Tumbled Stones 

Stone  Rhodochrosite
Alternative Names Rosa del Inca | Inca Rose 
Form  Polished Tumbled Stones
Colour  Pinkish - Red Typically With Lighter Or Darker Banding Or Streaks 
Chakra  Heart Chakra 
Zodiac  Leo | Scorpio 
MOHS  3.5 - 4
Origins Argentina | Peru | South Africa | Mexico | USA 

Extra Small <5g

Small 5g - 10g

Medium 10g - 20g

Note Tumbled Stones are intuitively selected, price listed is for each individual piece.
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