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Questions About Crystal Freeforms

What is a Crystal Freeform?

Crystal Freeforms are crystals that have been shaped and polished into unique, irregular shapes. Unlike traditional shapes such as towers or spheres, Freeforms are left in a more organic and artistic form.

How are Crystal Freeforms made?

Raw crystals are selected and cut into rough shapes using saws and diamond blades. They are then refined and shaped with grinding tools. Lastly they are polished to give a smooth finish and enhance their natural lustre. Crystal Freeforms have no rules regarding the shape, allowing the artisan to get creative.

What are the benefits of Crystal Freeforms?

Metaphysically it is said that Freeforms harness inherent energies and healing properties of the crystals they are made from. Many people use freeforms for a variety of purposes including meditation, energy healing, feng shui or simply to infuse their living spaces with positive vibrations.