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Smoky Quartz FAQ

What is Smoky Quartz good for?

Here are some of the metaphysical healing properties for Smoky Quartz:

Grounding And Protection: It is thought Smoky Quartz holds strong grounding energy and believed to help individuals feel more connected to Earth and rooted in the moment. 

Balanced Energy Centre: Resonating with the Root Chakra, the stabilising energy of Smoky Quartz is believed to help balance and bring this chakra into alignment.

Transmute Negative Energy: Smoky Quartz is said to be a "Stone Of Power" that is believed to absorb and transmute negative energy into positive energy. 

Stress Relief: Smoky Quartz is thought to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind. It is believed to be useful in alleviating stress and tension by promoting a sense of relaxation.

Enhanced Focus And Clarity: Smoky quartz is associated with promoting mental clarity, focus, and concentration. It may help clear mental fog and enhance decision-making abilities.