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Apatite Crystal Necklace Pendant

Apatite Crystal Necklace Pendant

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These inspirational beauties are all about achieving your goals. Apatite is a stimulating stone helping with personal growth, motivation, independence and ambition. 

Assisting you to create a clear mind set, Apatite works to rid the body of negativity and confusion, allowing you space for positivity. 

Beyond its uplifting energy, it also encourages you to speak more favourably about the world and other people, leading some to call it the "Humanitarian Stone."

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Includes 50cm Sterling Silver chain.

Apatite Crystal Necklace Pendant 

Stone  Apatite
Alternative Names  Moroxite 
Form  Polished Apatite Crystal Necklace Pendant With Sterling Silver Chain 
Colour  Blue
Chakra  Throat Chakra | Third Eye Chakra 
Zodiac  Gemini | Libra 
Origins Brazil | Madagascar
Note Pendant size is approximately 2cm, and comes with a 50cm Sterling Silver chain. Please allow for slight variations in colour on products, selected at random.


Jewellery Care:

- Keep away from moisture,

- Remove before sleeping,

- Remove before entering any water,

- Allow any perfume or lotions to dry before wearing,

- Remove before participating in any gym activities.

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