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Angelite Crystal Necklace Pendant

Angelite Crystal Necklace Pendant

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Angelite promotes feelings of peace and tranquillity, it is a soft, milky blue uplifting crystal that assists in calming you down from feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Angelite is the perfect addition for protection against negative energies. Associated with the Throat Chakra, it is also great for open communication.

Angelite Crystal Necklace Pendant  

Stone  Angelite
Alternative Names Anhydrite | Blue Anhydrite | Angel Stone 
Form  Polished Angelite Crystal Necklace Pendant With Sterling Silver Chain
Colour  Light Blue
Chakra  Throat Chakra | Third Eye Chakra 
Zodiac  Aquarius
MOHS  3.5
Origins Peru
Note Pendant size is approximately 2cm, and comes with a 50cm Sterling Silver chain. Please allow for slight variations in colour on products, selected at random.


Jewellery Care:

- Keep away from moisture,

- Remove before sleeping,

- Remove before entering any water,

- Allow any perfume or lotions to dry before wearing,

- Remove before participating in any gym activities.

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